Sakaki, about 200 kilometers from Tokyo, developed as an industrial town. Wherever you go in Japan, there's a good chance that something you see was made, directly or indirectly, in Sakaki.

Sakaki is famous for many things. It is the birthplace of Murakami Yoshikiyo, a military commander during the Sengoku or "Warring Countries" period of Japanese history in the 15th and 16 centuries. Sakaki is surrounded by beautiful green scenery and the Chikuma river, the longest in Japan, runs through the town. Sakaki is also a well known agricultural center. Famously juicy apples, prized grapes and flowers are all grown here.

Sakaki and Japan Map

* Topography:
(recorded at the Town Hall) Elevation: 393m above sea level
Lattitude: 138°, 10', 58" E
Longitute: 36°, 27', 32" N
Area 53.64 square kilometers
20.7 square miles
Climate Highest Point: 1327.3 meters elevation
Highest Temperature: 35.4°C (95°F)
Lowest Temperature: -11.2°C (12°F)
Average Annual Precipitation: 836.1 millimeters (32.9 inches)
Main River Chikuma
Land Hilly Terrain 58.5%
(Nagano Prefectural Average 73.3%)
Forests and Plains 67.4%
(Nagano Prefectural Average: 75.2%)
* Town People
Population 16,543 (as of 2005 census)
Households 5,630
Economy Total Annual Revenue 6,237,430,000 yen (2003)
Tax Receipts 2,438,150,000 yen (39% of revenue)
District Furnished Tax 1,051,000,000 yen (16.8%)
* Industry
9,322 people employed
Primary Industry 978 (10.5%)
Secondary Industry 4,793 (51.5%)
Terciary Industry 3,541 (38.0%)

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