In olden times, information was carried by foot through the mountains from the big cities; geography played a major role in shaping the flow of information.

Sakaki is a small town located in a narrow mountain pass on the Japanese island of Honshu, 200 kilometers Northwest of Tokyo. Through the Edo period it played a strategic role in regulating the flow of information in and out of Northern Shinshu. In the post-war era it became the center for a significant outgrowth of grass-roots industry and a mecca for scholars from around the world who came to seek the origins for its industrial miracle.

Though industry often conjures images of rampant pollution, Sakaki's natural setting surrounded by mountains and located along the banks of the Chikuma river (literally "river of a thousand bends") remains relatively pristine and placid. Local cash crops including concord grapes, apples and flowers play a significant role in the local economy and landscape. The town is also home to a plethora of small shops and artisans.

virtual sakaki is meant to be a conduit for information exchange between local area organizations, individuals and topics and the outside world.

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